Joyology with Pat Armitstead Humor in Difficult Situations

Goodology Podcast Pat Armitstead Joyology
Goodology Podcast Pat Armitstead Joyology

Joyology begins with Pat Armitstead. Becoming the world’s first JOYOLOGIST didn’t happen without struggles, trials, tribulation and PAIN. Pat lost her child, lost her business, is a cancer survivor, avoided bankruptcy by re-paying $80,000 in two years and lost her husband to another woman.

But she kept moving forward. She toured orphanages of Russia with Patch Adams. She was severely stricken with grief, yet wanted to avoid being medicated on Prozac. So, she wrote a book called, ANTIZAC. She has depth and thoughtfulness combined with humor and a playful attitude. In the podcast she talks about playing pranks on her patients, which led to deep appreciation and greater will to live.

Pat’s Books:

Humour Works – John Bishop New Zealand Business speaker and Commentator had this to say ” Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile. if her practices become widely adopted, going to work will become fun and people will enjoy the experience. Ultimately she is a dangerous subversive to dullness, mediocrity and boredom. why can’t we have more like her?”

Originally published exclusively in New Zealand’s prestigious Business to Business newspaper, these articles combine business acumen, creativity and wit to provide moments to educate, delight and entertain. This is serious fun and demonstrates the ease with which it can be combined with workplace strategy to boost productivity and contribute to business and personal success.

Patch Adams said of this book, “Just returned from around the world to find your lovely words and effort and love your wandering contract with the worlds happy people!” Pat is the world’s First Joyologist and founder of the Joyology model. She says she is here to be a voice for all that is joyful about humanity!

ANTIZAC – How Refusing Prozac Saved My Life – ANTIZAC is not to be found in the Dictionary.  Yet!
Pat Armitstead, the Worlds First Joyologist offers it though, as an antonym for Prozac. With an impish grin she adds “ This is not a bitter pill to swallow and most interestingly, no prescribing rights are required! A non chemical alternative to Prozac it is intended to heal what ails humanity right now.´

What ails people the most in Pat’s opinion is not their illness per se but their habituated negative ways of being. Offering solutions to an ailing community is about raising consciousness, developing our intuitive selves and offering into “what it is we see” as a result of that enhanced perceptiveness. It is about being a contribution. It is also about seeing people as great.

Dr Robin Kelly concurs, saying “Human beings are meant to be joyful, light-hearted and happy… READ MORE!


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