Bride Sings to Groom Down the Aisle


Emotions are amazing. What does this make you feel?

My first thought was about the courage when the bride sings this! Then I think about the love that she feels. I appreciate the safety of the relationship – that they are happy and will be happy for a long time. I also like that it would seem to create a a beautiful foundation for children to live and grow. It’s nice to see young people acting confidently on their emotions.

Why does a video like this appeal to us?

How does this make you feel? What emotions does the video bring up in you? When she pours out her voice, it’s a beautiful thing. The groom looks like a great guy. Good for them. Spending their time and energy in love and expressing it versus the Kardashians also has also crossed my mind. 🙂 I love and appreciate positive influence.

Just curious to see what your thoughts are.


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