Baby Boy Hears

Dylan who has battled serious health issues since birth tries out his first hearing aid!

Heroic Baby Boy

Dylan Eli was born weighing 3 pounds. He was 11 weeks premature and has had more than one dozen brain surgeries.

Dylan was very weak and unable to breathe without assistance as he, “battled a dangerous bacterial infection,” according to his mother. Dylan doesn’t look like one to quit and has come a long way overcoming most of his ailments.

Several days before Christmas 2013 his parents took him to the hospital to be fitted for hearing aids! Dylan was born on Valentine’s Day 2012. And for Christmas 2013, he is gave his parents much to smile about and much to be thankful for.

I think you’ll smile too. Watch the video below, which lasts for about fifty seconds. You can read the full story here at WTVR Richmond, VA.

Have a great day!


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