Basketball Player’s Supportive Attitude Earns Scholarship

Positive attitude, goodology, support
Hard work and supportive attitude pays off for James Montgomery

James Montgomery received an unexpected reward for his hard work, for his contribution and for his GOOD attitude. Montgomery is a Santa Monica, CA native who is attending Northwestern University as a mechanical engineering major.

Besides his intelligence, desire and supportive attitude, Montgomery has another skill. Basketball. But he was playing as a walk on at NU. He had scored just 17 points in a two year period.  Still, in that time he made a good impression on the coach, Chris Collins.

Collins said, “He comes everyday.  He has as much energy as anyone on the team. He is always talking. He is our best perimeter defender. The guy through 12 practices who has done the best job at doing what he is supposed to do is James.”

Maybe the best part of the video is the end where James shares the good news with his sister and his mom. Watch!



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