Introduction to Goodology

1Amazon-Reviews-Goodology-II-300x286Inside you, a hidden mass of energy goes unused.  This book will help you locate it, open it up, and get it flowing.  It is from that flow that good things happen in your life.  

Imagine that you use one hundred building blocks to power yourself.  The sum total of all of your accomplishments will be about equal to those one hundred building blocks.  You can place these blocks in any form or shape that you want, construct anything that your creativity will allow.  You can devise and learn new strategies for molding and using these building blocks in your life.  Still, you only have those original one hundred blocks to use.

But what if you had more than a hundred blocks?  What if you had one hundred-fifty?  Can you imagine how different your life would be, if you had that much more power working for you?

What if you had two hundred blocks?  Three hundred?  Imagine if you had a thousand or even more…  What would you do with that much more power?  What could you do?  

This book will help you locate that energy within and get it flowing, so that you can add to the building blocks of your life.  We want to find the unused, stale, and sludgy energy inside us and get it flowing again.

We do that through understanding good. 

What is good?  Giving a cocaine addict some cocaine could be perceived as good and the addict would thank you.  But, is it really good?  You could buy someone a beer at the bar.  That might be good.  But is it the most good that you could do?  You could give the beer drinker a ride home if he’s had a few too many.  That would definitely be good. 

You could buy someone a chocolate cake.  It’s good, but how good?  You could do something good for your neighbor when he is sick, maybe mow his lawn as a surprise.  You could smile at a child.  You could smile at an older person.  It’s all good.  But what is the depth of good?  What is really going to rock the planet?

There is a force inside us that we can locate and adjust, which will increase our natural outflow of energy.  Doing good for yourself and making a stronger you is our starting point.  The rest naturally unfolds.  That being said, if we are going to truly understand good, we need to understand where “bad” (aka, a problem) comes from. 

Then, if we understand the origin of that which might not appear good and eliminate it, what’s left? 

The rest is, well… all good.

We want to locate the disconnect within, which is the origin of negativity.  This is also truly the source of all that is good.  Everyone experiences stumbling blocks, problems, and challenges.  If you don’t specifically locate and understand a problem, you will have difficulty solving it.  

I watch people read books and go to seminars, full of hope that they might find answers.  I watch them leave these seminars, motivated and encouraged, clutching all the DVDs and workbooks they bought there.  Yet, even after making this small stride forward, they generally revert to their original search for answers.  Maybe they give up before they even finish reading those books they bought at the seminar.

The truth is, they never had a chance.  Why is that?  

Together, we are going to look at a power and a mechanism within ourselves.  We’ll look at this internal operating system – the one we can’t really see – and make it real.  We are going to find it, play with it, poke at it, study it, and understand it.  Then we are going to turn it loose and let it flow.  That, in turn, will increase the effects of every seminar that you’ve ever attended and every book that you’ve ever read.  It will increase the available power you have, with which you live your life. 

The energetic flow that drives you moves in an unseen manner and you control it, however subtly.  In our lives, we sometimes make it seen and felt, but then, just as quickly, we hide it.  We must find ways to identify it, to reconnect with it, and set it flowing again.
Goodology (good-ol-uh-jee) is simply the study of good.  You will find that its power lies in the very essence of its simplicity.  It is gentle depth.  Goodology will empower you in ways that you have not seen before.  It strengthens in two ways:


1.                  It increases your personal power by helping you reclaim unused power within yourself.

2.                  It leaves a byproduct of a kinder, gentler, more peaceful world.


The material in this book may be the opposite of many things that you believe or that you have learned before. 

2Amazon-Reviews-Goodology-III-300x229Each day, we sift through an abundance of information that comes at us.  At first, the new ideas of Goodology may feel a bit like we are going against the grain.  You may feel some confusion due to the many other philosophies, books, or ideas that you have already experienced.

So for now, try to suspend what you think you know.  Let’s take Goodology one step at a time.  I want to ask that you go through this book to the end, so that you can grasp the nature of your true and real power.  

Once you realize that this power is within you, you will begin to truly appreciate the flow of your energy.  Once you come face to face with the good energy inside, it will be put to work in your life without effort.  Things happen automatically.  Opportunities emerge.  All you have to do is say yes to these opportunities. 


Taking a look at the issues


The way we currently use our energy at times seems as ineffective as if we tried to run a vacuum cleaner without plugging it into the electric socket.  Or think of it this way… stopping short of connecting with your good energy would be like knowing that you have roaches in your kitchen and doing nothing about it.  

What if you did discover roaches in your kitchen?  Would your solution to the roaches be to close the cabinet doors?  Would it be to build a new floor or maybe new walls?  Would you pretend that they were not roaches at all, or visualize that they just went away?  Would affirmations clear them out?

No matter which of these tools you use, that nest of roaches would still be there, always underneath you.  The nest reproduces and these insects sneak through the tiny cracks of the wall you built.  Before you know it, they take over your life.  

We must find a way to actually get rid of the nest itself, to uncover the real root of the problem.

The order in which you solve a problem with Goodology may be opposite from what you are used to, but don’t be afraid.  Don’t resist it.   

Think of it like a big mass of energy sitting inside you.  Every bit of this energy is all good and all powerful but sometimes, because you perceive that you must protect yourself, you suppress your energy to fairly evaluate your surroundings.  You press back unconsciously in fear, causing your energy to slow down.  That happens as an internal process.  Soon, you are full of this slow-moving energy, which becomes like sludge inside.

Even when it’s sludge, your energy is still moving inside you a little.  You still have the ability to examine it and evaluate it, but that doesn’t mean you are using that energy.  The energy is creating limits and you certainly are not using it to the extent that you are could be.

 Sometimes that unused energy sends out messages that may be unattractive… like cockroaches.  Nevertheless, this energy is still all good and all powerful, particularly when it is flowing freely.  

Let’s say the energy is just idly at rest within you.  Remember, the reason your energy goes unused is that you are pressing it back in fear.  Eventually that pressing back becomes an involuntary reaction within you that cuts off much of your energy.  This process runs in the background of your life, and only pokes you when it wants to be noticed or when it believes it needs to keep you safe.  

You must understand this process and you must face the problems that slow your flow of energy, if you are to live in a way that is connected with your great power.  There is a mass of energy sitting there inside, just waiting for you.

Once you understand the mechanics of a problem, you are more apt to be successful in solving it.  In this book, we will discuss our own internal “operating systems” and how to solve the problems that come from having too much slowly moving energy (sludge) inside.  

In our lives, our head is not usually the one directing traffic.  Our head is simply listening to what our energy tells it.


Live with an absence of fear


Living with an absence of fear is important, and it certainly sounds good.  But, if we don’t understand what the makeup of fear really is, then solving the problem and living fearlessly will not be quick to occur. 

For now, think of fear as your own slow moving energy within you.  This slow energy inside exists as a result of trying to keep yourself safe.  It protects you and you, in turn, abide by its direction.  On top of that protection, you continue to build a wall.  On top of that wall, you build judgments, reactions, images, facades and a host of other defense mechanisms.  You begin vigorously to defend yourself in this way, the way that you have systematically created. 

Buried, separated and suppressed, layers deep, lies your energy.

Our human instincts protect us against anything we perceive to be a threat.  Threats can take a variety of forms, many of which may appear less like threats in our civilized society.  Instead, they may just appear bothersome.  The smell of someone’s perfume, the nicer car next to you at the traffic light, or the woman at the party with bigger cleavage than yours are things that may inspire an antagonistic response.  But, interestingly, you make these judgments naturally, from the same source of energy that you would if you were defending yourself from a tiger!  Is that really necessary?

The energy inside of you is in a constant state of defense.  It is ever on the lookout for the need to protect you, and it does not hesitate to attack when it feels threatened.  You suspend your energy so it becomes unavailable for day-to-day purposes.  Over time, this suspended state suppresses and compresses your energy.  A pattern has developed, and now you go on with your life, limping along, not being all that you can truly be.

Let’s reconnect and recapture this pool of energy that is sitting unused.  Nothing will change until we get to the core of this energy.  If we don’t allow ourselves to become aware of this repressed energy, if we do not face it, we will never be able to bring about the positive change we desire in our lives.  Nothing happens until we uncover our power and get to the core of our energy.

I think Goodology will appeal to you, and make perfect sense from the start.  I want to get to the heart of the material right away, so you can have the whole book to work with your energy, to practice and increase your power.  Sprinkled throughout the chapters are simple exercises for you to try.  Pause, be patient, and feel the meaning of the examples.

I really want you to understand that there is precious energy within you going unused.  We are going to locate your unused energy and get it flowing again.  We will do this by adjusting our inner energetic pattern.  Every step of the way, you will begin to expand.  The key is locating the energy within and knowing that energy is intelligent, infinite, joyous, and exciting.  

This book will help you to recapture that unused power right now.

Energy Overview


All energy is good.  Your energy is good.  This good energy flow is the same as happiness, joy, excitement, and every other positive emotion.  Laughter and smiles, for example, allow us to visually observe positive energy flow.  If you don’t feel and experience these energies regularly, then you are resisting the flow somewhere inside of you.  We can find that flow.  

Resistance can be felt as anger, denial, doubt, dislike, hate, disapproval, judgment, and many other negative emotions.  Resistance is hidden deep inside you, but it gets raised up in different scenarios.  We will locate that resistance inside and turn it back into positive, good energy. 

Let’s look at one example of resistance.  The dislike of something originates from resisted energy.  This is a perfect opportunity to trace back to your own power within.  Dislike comes from discomfort, displeasure, or distaste within you.  Your mind reads those feelings and labels the responsible object or event in a way that avoids it.  Better yet, the specific feeling of dislike may be the energy source for a variety of negative manifestations in your life.  In addressing this, we can take out multiple birds with one stone, so to speak.

By addressing one simple emotion, dislike, we can begin immediately to experience healing, happiness, and increased peace.  In doing so, you will drastically increase your power to attract good.  If you strengthen your energy flow, you can experience life with less frustration, grief, and sadness.  The ultimate goal is for you to allow joy and excitement to permeate your life.  You won’t accomplish this until you locate your energy within and connect with it.

So, we will begin now to locate your good energy.  

All the energy in the world is good.

Let’s repeat this phrase.  All the energy in the world is good.  Any negative, real or perceived, is simply resistance to that good.  When you experience an emotion that you label as anger (or doubt, dislike, frustration, etc.), that is simply an independent feeling of energy in your body that is being resisted.  The energy originates as good energy, but the built-up and lingering compression within you becomes resistance that you put a negative label on.

Think on the following descriptions of another person:   inconsiderate, annoying, big jerk.  These and countless other feelings originate within us, then we put a label on them.  Our labels are what they are, but what if the original feeling was not there?

Imagine that there are pins, needles, and pokers inside you, designed to alert you to danger.  Also inside you is a kind of drab discomfort.  It’s not enough that you have your normal fear responses, which keep you safe; you set up even more alerts that you don’t really need.  These aren’t the alerts that warn you when there is some kind of danger.  Instead,  they squeeze your power source.  

Let’s face it…  You aren’t really in danger when you see someone with a more expensive car or revealing cleavage.  Yet your body begins to react as though you were, and your energy compresses.

We learn to protect this network of reactions under lock and key.  These feelings are personal and unique to each of us, and they have the power to blindside us without warning.  We keep these responses boxed up deep inside, carefully guarded, because we have each been hit in the ribs (at least metaphorically) when we weren’t expecting it.  The shock of the gut-punch is something we never want to feel again, so we perfect our internal defenses against it, ever on the watch for potential danger.

I don’t attend too many seminars, but in those I have attended, I see some similarities.  Most people who attend self-help seminars absorb the information in through their head, get really motivated, then go home and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  

They hoped for change, they planned that change, but really… they just returned to their normal routines.  Granted, not everyone does this, but life almost immediately returns to normal for most people.  

So why do we do this?  Why do we fail at making those changes we so desire to make?  It’s because there is a much greater force within us that is driving the bus.

We fail because there is other energy that drives us, and that energy is much stronger than the new training we learned in a seminar.  Mind-stimulating information has been taken in, but we have taken it in from the top down.  We don’t allow the information to get much past our shoulders, because the energy driving us is stronger than what we have learned.  Real transformation takes place from the bottom up.

Traditional teaching strategies assume that you have an energetic system in place to support new knowledge.  If you set ten goals for your business in the coming year, conventional thinking assumes that you will work diligently toward those goals and not sabotage your own success.  Actually setting goals will only take you so far, however, if you are unable to connect to that inner energy required to make those goals become reality.  Your goal setting may actually be feeding a negative energy within you (for example, having the goal to buy a shiny new red Corvette just to please the girls or to cover up a perceived weakness).

Our goal is to discover what the real energetic response is within you right now.  That energy remains the same no matter what scenarios take place around you.  Until you can change the energy within, your inability to achieve external results will continue to frustrate you.  When we are able to reach down into that energy core, we can connect with our true power and finally begin to realize our goals.

Again, the energy inside you has only become negative because you have resisted it and you have put a label on it.  The ongoing resistance of energy compresses our own life-force energy, and this restricts our power significantly.  We must specifically locate each bit of negative energy within ourselves and get it flowing again.  

So, how do we accomplish this?  First, we must locate the paths that lead back to our energy stoppage.  It’s simpler than you might think.  Those paths begin with simple labels like dislike, apprehension, annoyance, doubt, blame, anger, or denial.

The good news is that we don’t have to go far to work on these issues, nor do we need to spend a lot of money.  Granted, sometimes locating the blockages inside may be a challenge, simply because we have built so many layers of labels, evaluations, judgments, and beliefs on top of them.  To make matters a bit more challenging, the energy inside tends to be slippery and elusive.  After all, we have set up these internal energy patterns for protection.  

So, protect you it will, sometimes at all costs.

In our life, we constantly suppress that energy, rationing it like a limited resource.  We portion it and guard it and mete it out like it’s going to run out tomorrow.  Or, we  get bunged up over something simple like a woman who shows off her cleavage in a party dress or a man who shows off his nice car by gunning it at the stop light.  These things may irk us, but do we really understand why?

Positive affirmations can be useful because they synergistically connect with what you are at your core.  They match truths.  Before affirmations or any other tool can help us, however, we need to look at the entire set up.  There is a mass of energy that exists without being touched.  So, if a positive affirmation coincidently touches it, we may notice..  But, as long as the mass of energy goes untouched, there is little effect.

Listen to the following statement: “I am stupid.”  What do self-help books tell us about this statement?  Typically they tell us that this is a negative affirmation.  Common reasoning tells us not to say such things, because it sends a message to your subconscious that you are stupid.

No, of course you’re not stupid, but you already knew that deep down inside.

The line of reasoning sounds pretty good.  In fact, you may dazzle a listener if you utter that statement with conviction.  Let me rephrase the statement.  “Don’t say that you’re stupid because you are sending a message to your subconscious that you are stupid.”  But what if I tell you that your subconscious is unaffected by the utterance of “I’m stupid?”  What if I tell you that you are virtually unfazed by this, and that you will go unchanged by any comments that you make?    

It’s true, you know.  Your utterances actually have little power to affect your massively powerful subconscious.

Granted, you might aggravate or agitate the energy within.  You might say, “I’m so stupid,” and your energy within might get a little stirred up.  It might even get a little bit riled.  This can maybe even inspire a “bad feeling” inside you, but that bad feeling was already there.  

As we will learn, it is you that packages the message and sends it to your insides to inspire that bad feeling.  You are in control of the process, you control the mechanics and you control the operating system.

It is not the statement of “I’m stupid” that makes you feel bad, but the fact that you stir up your energy by expressing it.  Soon enough, your energy will settle right back in where it was.

 So, while you aggravate it and it feels uncomfortable for a time, nothing really happens.  Nothing changes.

Think about it this way.  You are constantly reading the energy within your body.  Your energy might be sludgy, stale, and uncomfortable.  If you were to say (and genuinely believe) the phrase, “I am stupid,” this is nothing more than the label you use to define your energy.  

You are defining your energy virtually every moment of your life.  You see and feel slowly moving energy, and you label it.  Your energy didn’t start out with labels or meanings, it was just flowing.  But over time, you feel it, you evaluate it, you define it, and you label it.  Despite those labels, it is still just your energy and it is still simply flowing.  The question is, how is it flowing?

When you read your energy, you don’t see words.  You see only energy.  At any given moment, you might observe slow energy versus quick energy, or powerful energy versus non-powerful energy.  When you read your own energy, do you think you might see any of these?


·                    Connected energy versus non-connected energy  

·                    Flowing energy versus compressed energy

·                    Painful energy versus non-painful energy

·                    Sludgy energy versus non-sludgy energy

·                     Hazy energy versus non-hazy energy

In whatever way you see your own energy, you read it and then you attach a label.  

Sometimes I hear people say, “My Dad used to tell me that I was stupid, so, that’s why I say it.”  This certainly does happen, and, you can use affirmations, visualizations and any number of other techniques to try to change the label.  Still, the energy and compression pattern that you have stays there, deep inside.  It is a sludgy energy and it creates an environment that will continue to drive lethargic behavior.  Your labels and reactions will remain consistent with sludgy energy until you find a way to change the energy.  


If your energy was flowing

freely, positively, joyously and with excitement,

then what types of labels

do you think you would attach?


These new labels might say, “I can” or “I want to” or “I would be delighted to.”  You would say, “Yes!” and you would mean it.  This would happen effortlessly and without interruption.

Our whole world of negativity is based on caution and interruption of this flow of energy.  Our habit has been to pause, evaluate, and label our world negatively. 

We can reverse this pattern.

If you feel bad (or stupid or ugly or let down), it’s because you have set an energetic system within you that slows your energy.  You have honestly put a label on it for your own protection but, despite your best internal intentions, the label is not serving your best interests and –  more importantly — nor is your energy.

You evaluate situations.  You create labels and make decisions based on your observation of your own energy.  The statement, “You are stupid,” is utterly benign until it hits your internal energy.  If someone else says, “You are stupid,” the consequence is completely dictated by you.  If your energy is smooth, flowing and happy inside, the statement will have no effect on you whatsoever.  It simply can’t affect you because there is nothing similar inside you for it to attach to.

If a negative statement has nothing to attach to inside, you will likely just smile or laugh.  It’s just a statement, simple words.  It only has meaning if it finds its way in and connects with something inside you.  If your energy is uncomfortable, sludgy, or in constant attack mode, then a negative statement will find its way in and stir that up.  Only then might your label might come back and respond in kind to the statement, causing you to respond negatively.

If you feel apprehensive about something, notice your energy.  The apprehension exists independently and previously of whatever action or outer event brought on the feeling.  When the event arises, you become apprehensive only once it connects to the slowly moving energy within you.  

Now, if the energy within you was moving quickly and flowing smoothly, what do you believe would happen?  You would never become apprehensive.  You would just flow smoothly through the process, because the apprehension would never have the chance to gain a foothold inside.

You label your energy.  Your feelings and your actions are dictated only by your energy within and the labels you give it.


So, what we have learned thus far is that each of us has a hidden mass of energy deep inside us, most of which is currently unused.  Fortunately, some of that energy is coming through for you even now.  The path is already there.  We will locate the area where your energy has become slowed, reconnect with it, and then we will set your flow of energy free.  If we don’t locate that energy, if we react without making contact with it, we will simply be operating with those original one hundred building blocks… or less.

 We got a little deep here in the introduction, so let’s lighten it up a little bit.  We will gradually progress toward a positive, energetic whole.  We will spend two chapters talking about positive energy, happy images and the topic of “good.