Kindness to Senior Citizens

Kindness to Senior Citizens

Kindness to Senior Citizens

Here’s a great example of being neighborly and helpful. I love it.

I believe that inside of each person is the ability and desire for kindness. We all know that desire can be taken away (temporarily) when we get overly engaged in our projects, tasks, goals and directions. Right?

When we feel peace and feel love, we begin to notice our surroundings. We appreciate our surroundings. Live with patience. When we are overly focused on accomplishing tasks, we can miss certain beauties in the world. I am glad I stopped for a moment to feel peace and notice this exchange between a young man and this senior citizen.

The man said, “A few months ago, an older lady on my block asked me to hold her hand and walk her home because she was scared to slip on the ice. Now, whenever she needs to leave and needs an escort, she knocks on my door.”

What do you think of that!?

Goodology Daily Exercise:

Exhale. Breathe. Feel peace. Disengage. Relax. Love. Smile. I believe that each time you do this your growth rate is greater than when you live with anger, blame, regret and over-engagement. Each time you feel peace just by witnessing an act like this, you empower yourself!

Thus, the same would be true when you perform acts like this. Have a great day. This story, by the way, has appeared a few places online. I saw it here at the webofgoodnews and here at funnyjunk. A sweet story.


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