Ty Allan Jackson is Promoting Literacy to Kids

Ty Allan Jackson of Big Head Books
Ty Allan Jackson of Big Head Books

Ty Allan Jackson’s son asked to start a lemonade stand.

Like any good dad, Ty said, “sure!” To Ty’s surprise,  his son to make FIFTY DOLLARS! With that kind of money, Ty wanted to teach his son about saving money and investing.

Growing up in the Bronx, NY turned out to be amazing for Ty even though his family was on welfare. He was born to a 15 year old mother who Ty describes and absolutely incredible. His single Mom was the single greatest influence of his life. As a ten year old while paying bills at the dinner table, his Mom said, “this will be the last welfare check we get because I cannot raise men on welfare.” Listen to the podcast HERE.

Ty’s Books:

  1. Danny Dollar
  2. When I Close My Eyes
  3. The Supa Dupa Kid

Ty’s “I Like’s”

  1. He likes himself
  2. He likes reading
  3. He likes good food!

Ty’s Passion:

  1. He loves molding young minds and teaching them about the importance of literacy. He shows how it can be cool to read. It’s exciting to see the looks on their faces.


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