Andrea Harrington for State Senate

Andrea Harrington for State Senate

Positive Example for State Senator

I am writing to encourage you to do two things: 1. Vote on Thursday September 8th in the Western Massachusetts Senate Election. 2. Make that vote for Andrea Harrington. We need someone who will be a positive example and to create a solid foundation on which to build.

Let me explain

While Andrea has legal training, intellect and experience as a lawyer, I think there is something more important! There are greater powers.

  • She has is the heart, the passion and the reason. She’s someone who doesn’t give up!
  • She is a positive example of which our community and children can be proud and model!
  • She is well-spoken, respectful and determined, thus she is able to communicate, influence and persuade.

Change can happen with Andrea and it can happen here in Western Massachusetts.

How, though, does change happen in the world? Real change comes from within – by taking responsibility. Start small and build a solid foundation. It’s a sensible way for change and growth. The importance of the vote on September 8th is vast and the timing is right to have Andrea in this position.

Contrast the current presidential election, which is a carnival side show! That alone is sad, but the trickle-down effect is worse on our communities and children. I can’t underscore this enough. A fittingly eloquent description of the presidential election elicits the word, “Ugh.”

We deserve better

The barbaric, mudslinging nature of our presidential race doesn’t resemble civilization. Vote on September 8th because you can help build a solid foundation AND, you can put the civil back in civilization. We can rise above and be better. We can be proud that we have quality choices in our Western Massachusetts Senatorial race.

Also, be confident that the trickle-down effect and the collateral benefits with Andrea Harrington are highly positive.

Desire and reason is that which separates those who have positive impact. If you look at Andrea’s reason for running, then you will find a strength that is never ending. This leads to staying power and impact. As one person commented, ‘she’s not about ladder climbing or resume building.’

Andrea is driven by a love and understanding for this part of the country. She is anchored in Western Massachusetts through generations of her family. She and her husband are employed and have businesses here. Her extended family is absolutely incredible – with businesses, hard working, self-made, working class and humble. She is committed.

When your reasons are driven by heart, love and positive example, you are winner because you have access to that greater power. You don’t give up. You can’t give up. You have heard of a woman lifting a car off of her child? Here you go.

The Great Power Behind Work Ethic

In addition to the power and work ethic, I remember the advice of a friend of mine, Howard Johns, who passed away several months ago. Howard said, “vote for the candidate who references peace and love the most.” Andrea is a mother and someone who sincerely wants the best for Western Massachusetts. So, she understands that the the core and resolution of all issues stem from the power and reason behind love and peace.

The presidential election, for example, is driven by the opposite – ego, blame, denial and lies, which are bad examples for our communities to parrot and for our children to absorb. This is not strength! If you turn on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, you’ll see grown “professional” adults dressed in suits blaming, denying and whining. This is not positive example.

In our case, here in Western Mass, again, we can be thankful that we have the opportunity to elect positive example. This is our opportunity for a solid foundation for growth. Take advantage of it.


Communication is an amazing power. If you can’t communicate, you build barriers (usually self-created barriers) and you will accomplish less! It’s simple. When you respect and understand your opponent, then you open up doors for communication. When you speak with clarity, you will communicate more effectively. Andrea communicates with respect and grace. Effective communication begins with listening and understanding your opponent’s whole argument and situation.

Also, every action you make or have made “is” communication. Everything sends a message and creates perception. When Trump mocks disabled reporters, insults judges and acts like a clown, this trickles down. He has created a watered down and polluted sense of morality. Society becomes warped and morphed thinking, “this behavior is okay.”

Andrea is a positive role model for many and has a history of actions of which she can be proud! Being this type of role model is hugely important in our society right now!

The presidential candidate speaks in quarter-truths, untruths, blame and finding flaws. To volley in Trump’s language, I’ll use a 7th grade phrase, “it’s really gross.” Speaking of communication, it is said that Trump may start a television network. Ugh. If that happens, it will just be more blame, more denial, more lies and more ‘negative example’ for our communities and children.

We have the control to change from within on September 8th. Move toward positive example. Think of communication and perception for our communities and children. Think of our actions having repercussions. Start here. A solid foundation doesn’t begin with blame, denial. It begins with positive action and respect. Vote on September 8th. Choose strength. Choose truth. Choose Andrea Harrington.


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