Iowa Pageant Winner Born with disability Raises Awareness


“It’s okay to stare.” That’s what Nicole Kelly from Davenport, Iowa said about living her life with a disability. She was born without a left forearm. She didn’t want her disability to define her. She has a disarming and refreshing attitude. She is sincere and ambitious.

According to the Daily Mail, an important part of her work is meeting with parents of children with disabilities. She seems to have noticed that parents limited children that are amputees or born without limbs. Nicole did the opposite and was encouraged by her parents to do so. She seemed to be adventurous.

She tried baseball, diving and dance. But, she really liked being on stage. Before she won the Iowa Pageant in June, she worked on Broadway. And being on stage put her in a spot where,” it’s okay to stare!” This is a positive, refreshing story.


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