Small Act of Kindness Heals Lonely Woman

Two solo diners met up through an act of kindness for a wonderful conversation.
Two solo diners met up for a wonderful conversation.

A Small Act of Kindness

This is my kind of story – of someone being observant, taking advantage of the moment and performing a small act of kindness. Brooke Ochoa of Texas went out for lunch. While entering the diner, she held the door open for a woman who Ochoa said, “was very thankful and sweet.”

Inside the restaurant, she overhead the woman say, “table for one.” That was it. Brooke smiled and asked her if she would like to eat together. The woman, named Delores, was ecstatic. So the two went onto have a great meal and visit. Brooke learned that Delores was lonely as her mother had passed away recently and her aunt is now in a nursing home.

The two have decided to have lunch each Thursday. This comes from the kindness to help a lonely woman.  Brooke said, “Her words healed my heart just as much as I healed her lonely one.


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